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For sensitive customers, is on-premise installation possible, rather than sending it to the cloud in the US?

It is possible to have a data server installed on-premise, however this would drastically increase the price. On-premise installs will be evaluated and charged on a case-by-case basis.

What is the locator’s coverage area?

Coverage depends on the shape of the area. In general, a minimum of four (4) locators are required for the first 1,200sqm, with one (1) additional locator for each additional 600sqm.

With Securitrack™, is it possible to track using cell wire/ Bluetooth/Wi-Fi?

Technically, we can scan most signals, however our system can only scan our tags, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi signals from phone.

What is the range of the Locator?

The range of detection is determined by the device, not the locator. Our 4mm thick ID card can be detected from a distance of 50 meters in an open area. Most signals from a phone can typically be detected from a distance of 30 meters in an open area.

We would like to power-up the Locators without relying to the existing setup of equipment that we have in the store. Can we request a USB power adaptor for the Locator? 

You can power-up the locator from the back of any computer, Wi-Fi router, or any device equipped with a USB outlet. Unfortunately, we cannot provide power adaptors at this time.

Are the ID cards water-resistant?

Yes, all of our ID cards are water-resistant.

How long will the battery in the ID card last?

Our thick ID cards (4mm) can last up to two (2) years. We also offer thinner ID cards, equipped with both traceable chips and RFID chips, which must be charged every two (2) months.

How do I gain access to PLS system?

In order to gain access to the PLS system, you must provide us the floor plan/map of the area in which you would like to install the locators and pinpoint the specific spots where you would like the locators installed. You will also need to change your Wi-Fi settings to our default Wi-Fi setting:


Security Protocol: WPA2 AES

Wi-Fi Password: securitrack@!

Router Gateway IP:

What is the frequency band of the locators?


What is the frequency of the transmission of data? Is it real-time?

The device sends data every second, but our software use average data is collected over 10 seconds.

What is the public IP of the server?

Our server is located in North America. Its IP address is [].

What is the bandwidth requirement?

The data is minimal, about 3-10Kb per second per device. For example, if there are 100 devices in a department store, a dedicated speed of at least 5Mbps would recommended.

If a person/employee transfers from Store A to Store B, will they continue to be traced?

With a small modification to our software, we can trace the person in a different building (in this case, Store B).

What is the minimum/maximum number of people who can use the ID tags?

There is no minimum number, but the maximum number is around 256 people per 250sqm area. This density would be similar to a fully-packed theatre.

Can you provide us the monitoring tool of Securitrack™?

You will receive access to the Securitrack™ feature about 1-2 weeks after we confirm receipt signals.

What if the ID tag is accidentally turned off?

If an ID tag is accidentally turned off, the user will not know, but the admin system will be made aware. Our current models are always turned on, however with a minimum order quantity of 5,000 pieces, it is possible to customize tags to allow turning them off with a switch or an app.

If locators scan customers’ smartphone signals, will it require a bandwidth increase in addition to the dedicated speed of 5Mbps?

Locators scan all signals, including phones, tags, and other devices. A dedicated speed of 5Mbps will be sufficient for this.

Is there any way we can change the IP of the locators (preferably, the IP address obtained via DHCP)?

Yes. In order to save the trouble of assigning IP to each individual locator, our default factory setting utilizes DHCP to automatically assign an internal IP address. To avoid manually setting up and testing each individual locator, we simply name the SSID, password, and authentication protocol as previously indicated.

Do you need DNS settings to connect to the server? What service port is needed to access the firewall?

Please open the following ports:




If you are using DHCP, you do not need DNS at this point.

What is the encryption strength?

We utilize Secure Hash Algorithm System.


What knowledge or experience is required for distributors? Must they be very skilled in computers and software?

No. Basic computer skills are sufficient for distributors.

Do distributors need a dedicated IT support employee or technical staff member to install Docent Corp devices?

Distributors just need someone who has enough knowledge to setup a Wi-Fi router.

What can distributors expect to receive as part of this agreement?

Our pricelist and discount scheme are included and can be reviewed in the distributor agreement.

In addition to pricing, what else should be charged to customers?

Shipping cost are not included in the pricelist and would be quoted separately. For bulk purchases (any project above $50,000), a special price would be quoted. It is advisable to also charge the customer with an installation fee of not more than $40 per locator. Maintenance fees should be discussed directly with us.

Are distributors required to invest in or purchase anything (such as a certain space in their showroom or office, etc.)?

Distributors are only required to purchase the Starter Kit for Distributors, which consist of 16 nodes/locators and the PLS software.

What if my project requires a price quote?

If your project will require a price quote, please check our pricelist sheet and send the details of your project to askus@docentcorp.com. We will then provide you a quote and estimated shipping cost.

Do you offer warranties for any of your products?

We offer a 1-year warranty on our Personal Locating System. If purchased tags do not function correctly, they should be returned immediately, and we will correct the issue.  

How long will shipment take for my order?

Ordered goods can be shipped on the next business day after receipt of payment (Note: for larger projects, delivery time will be informed on a case by case basis).  

All goods will be shipped via FedEx (unless you submit a special request for use of a different shipping courier).

Shipments will take about 7-15 days for your order to arrive in your country. 

Please note that the recipient is the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the destination country. 

Orders may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and fees levied by the destination country.